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It Consulting Services

Business challenges don’t usually fall into nice tidy categories

Instead, they’re specific to a threat, opportunity or need faced by a company. At 24by7Live, we seek to understand your specific challenge, identify risks and opportunities and work backwards to provide you with effective IT solutions to support your company’s business objectives.

Our consulting team leverage technologies to address your organization’s goals and execute tactical strategies that grow and/or preserve the health of your business. We listen to your needs and develop appropriate solutions. We invite you to drill down and explore some of the more common categories of project consultation. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. We’re here to help.

Making the right move

Transporting technology

Businesses inevitably evolve resulting in change. Like relocating your company. Organizations faced with this challenge understand the significance of entrusting their office and data center relocation to an experienced resource like 24by7Live.

Using technology to advance your goals

Business intelligence

What does it take for a business to be a well-oiled machine? In today’s marketplace, technology plays an integral role. It facilitates employee productivity. Contributes to overall performance. Safeguards data security. Without technology, a company runs the risk of obsolescence through the inability to compete.


Engaging the experts

A trusted resource

Staying current and competitive in business often means re-evaluating technologies and business solutions. Companies wanting field-tested experts to manage their technology deployment turn to 24by7Live. To achieve our consulting service, our technicians provide the manpower, expertise and experience in integrated solutions to get the job done right.

Managing systems requirements

Technology optimization

Using outdated business intelligence solutions and applications make for sluggish functionality and reduced productivity. 24by7Live enables your business to stay competitive by providing the hardware and software patches and upgrades needed to achieve optimal business performance.

Moving to cloud solutions

The virtual world

Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. It is rapidly becoming a mainstream solution for businesses seeking to reduce total cost of ownership in expensive hardware while increasing flexibility and redundancy. 24by7Live works with you to assess the viability of virtualization in your business environment.

Configuring your computer system

The business backbone

Do you have a computer network that truly supports your business? 24by7Live works with companies to put in place high performance systems that enable smooth operations and scalable growth.

Managing the business of change

A firm foundation

Why should your company undergo a periodic network assessment when everything appears to be working fine? Every business decision or action has a reaction, and a network assessment identifies the challenges and risks at work in your business. For instance, are your employees using their own mobile devices to conduct business? Are they downloading questionable software? Are mission-critical business processes running on vulnerable servers?

Serving apple® and pc communities

Consulting Services

More and more companies are taking advantage of the exciting technology advancements in both the Apple and PC worlds. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, 24by7Live provides your business with certified technical consultants who have the expertise required to implement cutting-edge Apple solutions on your Macs®, iPhones®, and iPads® or mixed-platform environments.

Is cloud right for you?

Sometimes it’s the right choice, sometimes not

The term “cloud” has gained significant traction with businesses because of the numerous services companies can utilize including storage, redundancy, business applications and many more. And with cloud, applications and important data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on just about any device. Data is kept current and ubiquitous.

The question is: Is the cloud the right solution for you? The answer depends on your needs. 24by7Live can help you to determine whether various cloud-based solutions are the right choice for your business.


How are businesses using the cloud?

Cloud services come in many forms

Although cloud services originated as storage solutions, they now offer businesses a host of options, such as cloud-based email, servers, applications and desktops. 24by7Live installs business-grade email that provides encryption, virus protection, data security, effortless synchronization with all devices, and is hosted with companies who have feature-rich platforms with redundancy centers. Businesses are also turning to cloud-based office suite applications.

There are many cloud services that could benefit your business. We offer cloud solutions that cover the following areas:

  • Data Backup/Business Continuity
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Applications
  • Database Servers
  • Storage
  • Email

Recovering from data loss

A business continuity plan is a worst-case scenario lifeline.

It’s protection that can help minimize the impact of a complete outage, natural disaster or malicious attack that results in your inability to access your data. And that’s when the benefits of our data backup services kick in, just when you need rapid data recovery. Because it’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when. Be prepared. Contact your 24by7live office today.

Are cloud services right for my business?

Dotting your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s”

With any technology solution, we weigh the pros and cons against your business requirements. 24by7Live will work with you to assess your needs. Our services are focused on building a topflight IT infrastructure for your business that’s secure, easy to use, and that provides high availability of your critical data and information when you need it, wherever you may be. And if that means you need “the cloud,” then we’ll design a solution to take your business there safely with either a public, private or hybrid cloud solution.

The essential component to business preservation

Protecting business information bolsters confidence

The confidence to focus on daily tasks, operations and growth initiatives. A data backup plan is your best defense – it protects a key asset – your data. 24by7Live technicians will advise you on the right data backup solution to fit your business needs and budget.

local backup and remote backup

A primary distinction between local and remote backup is location.

Local backup occurs onsite, backing up your operating system, applications and databases to a server or other backup hardware on a regular basis. Remote backup occurs offsite – ranging from nightly backup to cloud server virtualization.

The sole purpose behind backup is peace of mind along with data recovery, and in some cases regulatory requirement. When your data is unavailable, downtime is real and costs escalate. Both SMBs and large enterprises need appropriate backup solutions to support business structure and goals. 24by7live provides solutions that span local, remote and hybrid. The right solution depends on factors that include speed to restore, protection from local disasters, to full image or specific file backups. Contact us for help weighing the pros and cons of all backup options to determine the best protection for your business.

Recovering from data loss

A business continuity plan is a worst-case scenario lifeline.

It’s protection that can help minimize the impact of a complete outage, natural disaster or malicious attack that results in your inability to access your data. And that’s when the benefits of our data backup services kick in, just when you need rapid data recovery. Because it’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when. Be prepared. Contact your 24by7live office today.

24by7Live Emergency IT Computer @ Network Support

Has your network crashed or your Microsoft Exchange Server died? Are you users stuck and unable to work? Are you working late and just experienced a malware infection or network outage? Are you in need of urgent help, but not yet a 24by7Live client?

24by7Live provides a comprehensive range of Emergency IT support services tailored specifically to support your computer or server network emergency.

Top-tier, 24 by 7 support by network engineers trained in getting your network back up supporting your business processes using industry best practices. With ongoing training in various data network disaster scenarios, 24by7Live client support network engineers can quickly remote in and offer up possible reasons.

24by7Live Emergency IT Support services offers emergency access to our Help Desk and engineering resource to any non-24by7Live clients who require urgent assistance. Working on a simple non-contracted payment basis, the service is available for a minimum of one hour (Remote Assistance only) or two hours (On-Site), with time there after charged at a simple hourly rate. Should your problem require an on-site visit a one-time travel charge is applied.

A distaster can be the result of any one or a combination of the following:

  • Computer viruses that can destroy date
  • Hardware and software failures
  • Infrastructure interruptions, inconsistencies, or loss of services such as communication or network connections.

The degree of loss during a disaster can range from one or more files lost when a disk crashes to an entire computer system. The degree of severity of the disaster determines the procedures we might need to perform to recover data on your computer or server.


Scope of Services

  • Bare metal restore from catastrophic failure
  • Recovery of damaged, corrupt, or lost email database
  • Restoration of crashed servers
  • Restoration of crashed workstations and laptops
  • Troubleshooting broken networks
  • Rebuilding Active Directory DNS, Files, Printers
  • Restoration of Shares, Remote Access, Email and databases from your backups
  • Post 24/7 monitoring of your entire system after system recovery
  • Remote First policy mitigates issues that could otherwise require a lengthy and costly onsite visit

Our emergency technical support professionals provide fast, accurate, and complete resolution of your hardware, software, and network issues. You benefit by having a single source to call when help is needed.

Exploring your telecommunications options

There’s more to VoIP than phone service over the Internet

VoIP provides businesses with robust features above and beyond the traditional landline phone services, such as filtering options that forward calls to different numbers, send calls directly to voice mail, allows remote users to have phone extensions, convert voice messages to text messages or even check voice mail via the Internet. For many companies, the tough decision isn’t using VoIP—it’s whether or not to have it premise-based or hosted. 24by7Live can help you navigate the complex waters of VoIP to assess your business needs and choose the right approach for your company.


Premise-based voip

Keeping telecommunications close to home

Located at your site, a premise-based VoIP system provides the most control for your telecommunications needs. With cost effective lease options, the monthly cost is often less then a hosted solution. A business should look to its needs first and work backwards to ascertain the right fit. For instance, do you need a system to support remote workers and multiple offices? What about running your business applications or branching into virtualization? In a premise-based VoIP environment, all of the telecommunication features can be available from the start or added as you need them. If your company wants to maintain control of its telecommunications infrastructure, a premise-based VoIP solution can be a sound choice. 24by7Live is here to help you understand your business requirements and cover all of the bases before making this critical business decision.

Hosted voip

Taking telecommunications into the cloud

In a hosted VoIP environment, the only tangible equipment a company invests in are the phones. The provider is responsible for delivering service to all of the devices, including those in remote locations – one of the distinguishing factors between premise-based and hosted VoIP. Because hosted VoIP lives in the cloud, the investment in and maintenance of hardware and software are taken care of by the service provider instead of you. If telecommunications IT is not a core competency of your company yet you require the robust feature sets of an enterprise-wide telecommunications system, talk to 24by7Live to see if hosted VoIP is right for you.

Break/ Fix

24by7Live provides On-Demand Break/Fix Services on an hourly basis. 24by7Live can provide an on-site IT Specialist for network, Server, workstation or software problems.


Comprehensive website management

Consolidate and conquer

Managing a multitude of different vendors for your website is time-consuming and often challenging. As a single resource with multi-levels of Web capabilities, 24by7Live can simplify and streamline your efforts. Our services include website hosting, maintenance and even design and development. Our technology experience combined with well-established partnerships enables you to bypass the fumbles and pitfalls commonly associated with web-related work. Whether you’re at wireframe stage, in the middle of project development or require help on the back-end, 24by7Live can help.


Easy solution for website

Our website solutions can include all or some of the following:

  • A user-friendly site with meaningful navigation
  • Responsive design to optimize mobile viewing
  • Custom designed theme to showcase your brand
  • Professional copywriting that meets SEO standards
  • Adding blogs, feeds and registrations, if appropriate
  • Interactive features like photo galleries and video players
  • Securing a domain name and setting up a hosting account
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, JavaScript programming
  • Website monitoring and maintenance services

Mobile website solutions

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices companies large and small are quickly converting existing websites to mobile versions, and designing new ones in order to reach prospects and customers on the go.
We can help you engage with today’s mobile customers with our responsively designed website solutions. Delivering a quality mobile experience to your customer is key. We focus on the following, and more:

  • Simplifying menus, text and images
  • Ensuring a clean user interface
  • Mobile theme development
  • Navigation and functionality
  • Information architecture

The essential component to business preservation

Protecting business information bolsters confidence

24by7live is a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and as Microsoft Certified Partners, we can you help select, install, optimize and support your Business Class Servers. We offer support for Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2012R2 and all Small Business Servers.

24by7Live offers professional installation, configuration and support for Microsoft Exchange Servers.

We offer small businesses and mid-size enterprises a range of Microsoft based messaging solutions to assist companies in meeting complex e-mail requirements, including hosted services for e-mail filtering, encryption, archiving and continuity assurance that help businesses communicate with confidence.

Hostel Exchange 2013 services provide enterprise-class reliability for messaging security and management and can assist your organization by protecting itself from spam and malware, satisfying complex retention requirements for e-Discovery and compliance, encrypting data to help preserve confidentiality and maintaining access to e-mail during and after emergency situations. Hosted Exchange ensures you have unified messaging across all platforms, including office computers, smart phones, IPads, home computers, and remote workstations.


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