24BY7Live can keep your network operating smoothly and trouble free by having a network maintenance plan carried out by our experienced engineers.

Our network maintenance plans are designed to eliminate slow networks which can cost your company money by performing poorly or breaking down at critical times. Do not wait until your network breaks down to get an expert’s help. Our network maintenance plans comprise of checking all of the following items

Server checks, Desktop checks, switches, hubs, routers, print servers, printers, firewall rules, firewall logs, server logs, anti-virus/spyware software, back-up software, Exchange defragmentation, UPS’s and updating firewall systems.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)
We can create and install a solution for your business that can accommodate mobile users as well as setting up secure remote office connections.

Wireless Networks
24BY7Live can implement office wide public and secure private wireless networks. Our services include

  • Reviewing your current WiFi network structure
  • Review and test your wireless security model
  • Review and repair possible network intrusion threats

Scope of Networking Support Service

  • Design, configuration, installation, maintenance and support for network services
  • Equipment and devices to ensure operation, performance, and maintenance of mission critical enterprises.
  • Configuration, installations and maintenance of SMB network infrastructure and related systems
  • Routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access controllers and VoIP infrastructure plans
  • Implementation and administration of Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS)
  • Implementation and administration of Microsoft SMS management tools
  • Project deployment, implementation and maintenance procedures
  • Development, implementation, administration and maintenance of network security standards
  • 24/7 monitoring of your entire system to help mitigate downtime obstacles that are critical to your productivity and your bottom line
  • Proactive monitoring and analysis of network resource utilization and performance to determine and resolve potential network service issues to ensure services are delivered efficiently
  • Execution of proper operational procedures, change controls and documentation
  • Remote First policy mitigates issues that could otherwise require a lengthy and costly onsite visit

For more information on how your small or mid-size enterprise can benefit from having a specialized network engineer trained in the implementation and administration of Microsoft products and services, call us now at 310-310-8404, or contact us now via email by clicking this link. Contact 24BY7live now!